The Arctic Innovation Forum 2019 will take place this October 7th in Kalix, Sweden. The AIF is about helping businesses, academia and governments located in the Arctic Circle to prepare the workforce of the future, promoting a sustainable region by detecting, predicting, and showing trends and paradigms for a successful transformation.

Our mission is to create and expand a trusted network of executives, companies, politicians, academics, entrepreneurs and citizens with unique values to continue sharing our vision of the future for the Arctic Region.


Cris Beswick


Originally trained as a product & industrial designer, Cris spent over a decade as a successful entrepreneur & CEO building an award-winning design group. He is now recognised globally as a thought leader on strategic innovation and creating innovative organizations.

Cris is also the author of the book “The Road to Innovation” and co-author of “Building a Culture of Innovation”. As well as authoring numerous white papers, Cris, has also contributed to articles for The Times, Financial Times, and the Sunday Telegraph to name but a few.

Michele Osella


Dr. Osella’s conference will be a presentation that combines bite-sized business model concepts, design thinking principles, and visual tools in order to provide the costumer’s organization with the capacity to design a new strategic positioning and innovative business models to prepare for the future.

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Jason Grant


I have been involved with UX Design, Service Design and Design Thinking Coaching for 15 years. My past clients include Mercedes, Lloyd´s Bank, Adobe, British Telecom, American Express, Nando and many more. 

In recent years I´ve found radical simplification of concepts to be the most powerful way to impact people with Design Thinking. A mixture of Super Simple Stories    and visualization help to transform any environment.


Li Skarin

Scholar, Reporter & producer

CEO at Luleå Näringsliv/ Luleå Business & Economic Development, Co-Owner of NameMassa Media AB, reporter, and producer

. Li also collaborates with Sveriges Radio, the University of Gothenburg and specializes in the field of study of journalism, media, & current affairs.

During the Arctic Innovation Forum this year in Kalix, Sweden, she will be sharing her view regarding media trends that will impact businesses in 2019.

Jan Kemi

project & business manager

Jan designs and implements productive development processes. He is recognized as a trustful project manager with a commitment to deliver successful outcomes that fulfill the clients strategic innovation goals. This year, Jan celebrates 30 years of professional experience in the area!

 His working methods are practical and his approach is based on a result oriented cooperation with stakeholders and development team. To this day, Jan has national and international project references from application areas like Governmental Management, Nature Tourism, Reindeer Herding and Sustainable Urban Development.

Håkan Ozan


Håkan has 15 years of experience as a researcher and advisor in innovation management. 

He is an expert in the ISO technical committee for the international standard for innovation management and has developed innovation strategies for several large Swedish Organizations.

He is the former Director of a research center at Uppsala University, the former Studio Director of RISE Uppsala, and spent half a decade as Innovation Manager for one of the large IT consultancy firms.

Andrew Blum

junior at stanford university

Andrew is currently a junior at Stanford University, studying Political Science and East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Andrew started working in startups and non-profits in high school, since then, Andrew has worked at Goldman Sachs and for the Senate Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer. 

Currently he is Co-President of BASES, the largest undergraduate entrepreneurship group at Stanford. Also, at Anchorage, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup, he works on business development. This summer, he will continue to pursue to hold a position as a Project Manager on Microsoft´s Edge Team.

Pere Juárez

Trainer & innovation strategist

Pere Juárez will be sharing his views about Lead Innovation Strategy during his attendance to the Arctic Innovation Forum 2019, in Kalix Sweden. 

He is a trainer and principal facilitator of high performance teams that use the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and gamification techniques. 

Pere counts with a recognized curriculum in innovation and project management at different organizations.

Lars Ling

global cleantech entrepreneur

Lars Ling is a global Cleantech Entrepreneur, enterprise promoter, advisor and change-maker by delivering focused and exponential technology transfer, systems integration and outsourcing services toward green solutions solving climate & societal challenges.

Lars is the Founder of CleanTech Region Impact Group AB, which promotes company focusing on accelerated growth for Swedish CleanTech companies globally. 

Lars receives the support of public Swedish & Nordic agencies and private equity funds in these endeavours.

Dick Hulzebos


Imagination creates the future. As an imagineer, my visual approach ensures focus on the long term and visibility for achievable results in the short term. I ensure that the business ecosystem continues to connect with all stake holders. Despite the complexity, I strive for simplicity.

Imagine. Every moment in time is different and it changes all the time. Can we predict the future and what will be the results of our actions? My talk at the Arctic Innovation forum will give you an unexpected view on how we can predict the future.

Conny Hedman

ceo at
design thinking sweden

Understanding the technology and driving forces behind digital transformation is the key to mastering the digital future of industry. Businesses around the world are faced with an enormous amount of pressure along multiple dimensions.

Conny´s conference will be about this scenarios which include commodity prices and oversupply; competition and consolidation; environment, quality and safety regulations; geopolitical uncertainties; generation shift, and pace to change


Lisa Lindvall

Founder and ceo of the fit

Lisa has previously worked with several successful startups, building sales organizations within IT  (SaaS), FinTech, and media. She has extensive sales and business development experience. She has among other things, been named as one of Sweden´s 100 most promising young entrepreneurs and been awarded Top Tech in Venture Cup, Business Challenge and the SKAPA-award for young innovators.

Madelen Nilsson

eu strategist/ Baltic sea region

During the Arctic Innovation Forum 2019 in Kalix, Sweden, she will share some present and future possibilities to collaborate with innovation stakeholders in other countries in the EU in general, and Finland, the Baltics, Poland, Northern Germany and Denmark in particular. Madelen has a background as a metereologist in the Swedish Air Force, Software Development Controller at Ericsson AB and as a Chairman of the Swedish Association of Scientists.

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